Residential Architecture & Planning Services

archisan is the registered 'Sole Practice' for Daniel Ward, Residential Architecture and Planning Specialist, founded in April 2012. archisan is a multi-disciplined company ideally placed to guide you through the DESIGN & BUILD of your project. Tailoring advice, direct services and 3rd party contracts, archisan has proven experience in achieiving the particular needs and objectives of you the client.


archisan prides itself on carrying out all undertakings, no matter the scale, with an attitude that strives, always, towards positive outcomes. Placing appropriateness and affordability, at the heart, with a sense of excellence in all undertakings, archisan provides an integrated service that nurtures a continued relationship with both client and contractor. For more information about Daniel, a brief description of the services archisan can provide and all important contact information, please follow the links.

 In developing a language of;

environmentally driven solutions,

 coupled to appropriate use

 and the marriage of both traditional methods,

construction materials,

 and current innovations

in Design and Build.

archisan strives towards

the design of both functional & inspiring 'Place'